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Pregnant Woman and Partner
Helping you navigate the journey into parenthood

Who are we?

Welcome to 'Becoming a Parent' - a six week course offered by psychologists, designed to help you navigate the journey into parenthood and make some friends along the way!

Whether you're bringing a baby into the world, adopting or fostering a child for the first time; your life is about to change! We're so lucky that there is such great support out there for the practical aspects of bringing up a child, but what about the psychological changes and adjustment that takes place?

The 'Becoming a Parent' group is about helping parents-to-be navigate something that they may have never experienced before and which is so life changing. Covering topics such as fears of getting it right, worries about being alone, changes in intimacy, supporting a partner and exploring how your own experiences of being parented may impact on your own parenting style - the course provides a safe space to learn with others who are about to embark on the same journey as you.

Why choose 'Becoming a Parent'?


Run by highly qualified Psychologists  experienced working with individuals and couples adjusting to new life circumstances


Research shows that before the birth of their first baby, less than half (44%) of parents report feeling adequately prepared for parenthood - we want to change this!


Each course is tailored to the people there, so we make sure we discuss the topics which matter to you the most!

Make friends

Meet others in the same position is you and develop friendships to enjoy the highs together and navigate the waves of parenthood

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Couple with Daughter

Blog and resources

Here we get to share some hints, tips and ideas from our team of psychologists!


I often describe my experience of becoming a parent as life changing, and not just in the ways you may expect. This course is invaluable to expectant parents, choosing to prepare themselves for the journey ahead

If I'm being completely honest, when I was pregnant, I hadn't really thought about the changes that would be happening in my life beyond nappy changing, mess and a lack of sleep! Becoming a Parent has opened my eyes and helped me become more aware and confident about what's coming!

It's just so helpful to know that you're not the only one thinking or feeling things and that others are going through it too. Sometimes it's useful to hear other people speak and it's like they're reading my mind!

Becoming a parent has been the most wonderful and rewarding life change, but also the scariest as you are never fully prepared. This course offers extremely useful information and guidance, and most importantly, the confidence that we can do this!

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