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The biggest change we don't talk about

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

I’m at that age.

You know the age when everyone seems to be getting married and having children.

Through this time, I’ve been thrown into a whole new world of terms I’d never really thought about before – from colic to amniotic fluid and croup.

Honestly though, I’ve loved it. I’ve gone from literally being the most awkward person in the world holding a baby, to dare I say it, almost being comfortable. I’ve seen the joy a child can bring to friends and family, even in the most challenging times, and the excitement of seeing them grow up and develop.

But there is one thing which I have really questioned.

Where is the Psychology?

One day you’re able to spontaneously go out with your friends, have lie ins and plan your life in the way you want. The next, you are “getting things in the diary” months in advance, catching up on sleep whenever possible and resorting to annual date nights because you no longer have the time.

But we don’t talk about it.

Of course, there are plenty of joys that go with having a child too, but how are we meant to navigate something that we have never experienced, and which will so dramatically change our lives?

I have to say, when I looked to see what was available in terms of helping people adjust to the psychological changes that come with having a child, I was surprised. There is so much available out there to help with the practical aspects of bringing up a child, but what about the psychological challenges? One day you might be a wife, husband, son, daughter, friend, the next you’re a mum or dad.

Mum. Dad. Three little letters which mean so much.

We want to change this.

Becoming a parent for the first time is, by definition, a new adventure for all – so we wanted to design something which would be suitable for everyone, whatever their experiences.

Led by highly qualified Psychologists, our innovative new “Becoming a Parent” course helps you be as prepared for parenthood as possible by providing a space to explore the challenges many experience during pregnancy or may encounter in the future.

Whether it’s thinking about how to continue nurturing your relationship after welcoming a child into your lives, exploring how your own experience of parenting may affect how you choose to parent, or signs to look out for which may suggest a partner may be struggling – Becoming a Parent will be the place to discuss it.

On behalf of the team and I, we are so excited to welcome you onto our course and supporting you on the start of the exciting journey to parenthood.


If you’d like to find out more – check out “The Course” page of our website, here:

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